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A number of patients that had breast augmentation via the polypropylene method, had the unexpected side effect of their breasts growing at different paces or at a dangerously accelerated rate. Even though we are residents of london, london walks is a mainstay of our efforts to learn more about this great city. I’ve been on two of her tours – the soho coffee tour and the tour of chelsea – and am about to go on her david bowie tour. Because of the big breasts, chelsea is called the “queen of big boobs” and “the woman with the largest breasts in the world. Tripadvisor uses cookies to improve your site experience. Are attempting to capture the title, at this rate it is unlikely that any other woman in the world can ever reach the 10000cc level. I heard very little of her tour but she seemed enthusiastic and knowledgeable.


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String implants irritate the breast pocket which, in turn, promote the production of fluid. They are excellent; very informative and very enjoyable.

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