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How the general dentist can enhance the implant portion of their practice and why loupes should be used on a daily basis. Showing 30 webinars of 762 found. Kochmann, who has held a wide range of leadership roles in his 32 years with patterson, said he will work with the patterson management team to identify a firm retirement date that will be effective in the next several months. Dentists see, hear or receive information about all-ceramic crowns and bridges every day. Our launch of likeable dentist today is a prime example of our commitment to finding innovative solutions that help our customers’ practices evolve along with the times and capitalize on the increasing importance of e-commerce in the dental market. Suchada charnsethikul will continue to manage accord as managing director. The advanced manual goes into these strains in more detail, examining the stomatognathic system as a whole.


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In 2012, the dental equipment market in china is estimated to reach $321 million, and consumables will reach $962 million equating to an overall value of more than $1. The offline kits tie social media into the physical dentist offices.