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We asked 6 guys whether they liked a finger up the bum and heres what they said | metro news

) do whatever you normally do to get yourself in the mood, and start masturbating. You are so brave and hats off to you cos i would not have been able to do it! to be honest i think that the problem itself is not very serious which is amazing because for years i thought the same as you guys muight it be some sort of cancer or something. I’m going to stock up on coffee, water/sports drinks, and cigarettes. Ok if u have hemroids or something save your moony and see a doctor. I used to be actually proud that i could go when i wanted to and did not have to depend on a cup of tea/coffee to crap.


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Preparing for anal stimulation

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The waste moves in a circle in anticlockwise manner and then is expelled. Ive wondered this forever i cant believe theres this many people lmao i thought i was an absolute freak. I tried quitting this habit during my summer recess but i loose my appetite, feel sick, weak and depressed.