Shy guy losing virginity


What are the chances of an introverted/shy guy losing his virginity sometime in his 20s? | yahoo answers

I just feel like i need to get this out of the way. I respect what you’re saying. In terms of the positioning of the actual act, you need to be able to walk before you can run. Hills was inspired to write the book as someone who graduated from college as a virgin and was struck by statistics showing how many 20-somethings were in the same boat. Yes, some women only want a guy with a sports car and loads of money.


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But if you’re still curious about how old the rest of the folks around the globe are when they first do the deed, here’s an overview. I never had more than three friends or so at college and only made it to first base with my only girlfriend and third with a fresh-off-the-boat girl from iran who said she just wanted to have sex to get it over with, but chickened out when it came time to do the deed. His face turns red when a woman even mildly flirts with him.