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But if you have a really small pitch, it’s more likely that the sperm are going to physically interact as they move towards the goal. From about 20 million to 100 million sperm cells per milliliter of ejaculate. Competition is, of course, also an issue for larger species, but there, the reproductive tract is so vast that size really does not matter. Is about 30 times bigger–large enough to be seen with the naked eye. If you’re a species where the female reproductive tract is really large, like say in an elephant, an ejaculate gets diluted within that tract,” sean fitzpatrick from stockholm university and one of the authors of the report told dw.

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Scientists believe sperm cells find a waiting egg cell via a couple of complex mechanisms. For example the blue whale (which is the biggest animal on the planet) has sperm cells which are roughly the same size as human sperm. Healthy guys produce from 1.